Company Profile

vkdVKS Nigeria Construction Ltd. is a company incorporated in Nigeria, a global company with over 25 years of experience undertaking projects all around the world since 1981.

The Group has successfully completed projects with a cumulative worth of over $750 million to date. VKS has achieved a wide reference list by successful undertakings on turn – key basis in the diversified fields such as residential, commercial, industrial buildings, highway construction and infrastructure works, complete factories of various sorts as well as waste water treatment plants.

We are continuously improving our management philosophy by successfully integrating and maintaining our Quality Management System, Health and Safety Management System, and Environmental Management System. Workforce planning, leadership and performance management are all essential for effective utilization of employees and contractors in local, regional and national roles.

VKS believes in its core inner values of creativity, integrity, dedication, openness, fairness, and assertiveness. We hence recognize these values in our leaders and only appoint individuals with these qualities. We encourage open communication and autonomy within our teams and recognize that our project staff has the required expertise to achieve our objectives.

Over the years, VKS Group has successfully completed projects in various parts of the world, some of which are listed below:

• Nigeria
• Russia
• Georgia
• Afghanistan
• Uzbekistan
• United Arab Emirates

With active operations and branch offices in Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates, VKS Group is a growing family where professionals come together to achieve outstanding results in remarkable projects.